The Team


Adam is a hyper-active "life addict." After leaving home at 16, he went on to start his own computer hardware and networking company by age 18. Then, at 25, he sold the computer hardware company to focus on software development. His last Software-as-a-Service company was acquired by a NASDAQ-listed multinational.

When he's away from his desk, Adam paraglides, rides motorcycle safaris through Death Valley, enjoys climbing hard obstacles and thinks outside the box. As a practical joker with a serious side, Adam gets annoyed writing about himself in the third person. (Really, I do.)


Maciej joined Desks Near Me in January, 2013 as a remote developer. He works from Warsaw, his hometown, where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Software Engineering) degree at the Warsaw School of Information Technology.

Maciej is always hungry for knowledge, and takes every opportunity to learn something new. So, when he was offered a fresh start in as a student at the Technical University of Denmark, he didn't hesitate to leave a career at a large multinational insurance company to take it. There, he earned an MSc in Computer Science. During his stay, Maciej also worked for few startups; at one point, he was involved with three, each using a different technology.

Now, when Maciej has a free moment from IT work, he likes to hang out with his fiancee, play squash, or challenge his brain with a game of bridge.


Patricia holds a MSc in Telecom Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid. She studied abroad for two years in Polytech'Lille, France, where she specialized in microelectronics. After a diverse business and project management experience at companies such as Decathlon (main European Sports retailer) or Vodafone, she moved to California to complete her business background with a postgraduate in Business Administration at UC Berkeley. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to Opinno, where she helped in the creation of the Venture Exchange program and managed all its operations in the US. She helped international companies connect with VCs, business angels, government organizations and business leaders in Web, Mobile, Cleantech and Healthcare.

After leaving Opinno, Patricia joined Billing Revolution, a mobile payments company focused on improving the shopping experience. She worked there as account manager and sales engineer, monitoring customers accounts and advising clients about account performance and monetization.

Recently, Patricia transitioned towards UX Design. She obtained a certificate in UX and Front-End development at General Assembly and is currently helping out Desks Near Me and Evaway to shape their user experience.


Krzysztof joined Desks Near Me in August 2013. He works remotely from Poznań. He earned an MSc in Electronics and Telecommunication from Poznań University of Technology. In his 7+ years career he has worked with technologies including PHP, Ruby on Rails, and iOS. Krzysztof co-founded a software development company, working as a developer and CTO. He really likes the moment of satisfaction after solving a difficult problem. He enjoys jogging and electronic music, and in his spare time, likes to hang out with his wife and friends, and read fantasy books.