May 06

DesksNear.Me ( is now offering workers looking to rent a desk, meeting room or coworking space zero commission or service  fees* for one year. 

Angela Baldwin Angela Baldwin
Nov 13

It can be hard to decide where to work when you're in San Francisco. The amount of coworking spaces are pretty high. Here is our interview with StartupHouse located in Soma (South of Market).  ...

Angela Baldwin Angela Baldwin
Aug 12

If there's one thing we know, it's that peer-to-peer marketplaces are being created for anything you can think of. Whether you're our friends over at BoatBound, or RVwithme, we kno...

Angela Baldwin Angela Baldwin
Jun 25

Regus is one of the largest office accommodation services in the world. With 13 locations in San Francisco and plans on having more on-the-go spaces in the near future, they’ve been known for their...

Angela Baldwin Angela Baldwin
Jun 05

In the busyness of San Francisco, it’s hard to find a peaceful place to work. At Makeshift Society, you can’t help but feel a little bit more focused. Inspired by the feel of a library or ev...

Angela Baldwin Angela Baldwin
May 28

Working alone sucks. That’s the NextSpace motto. It does suck and as more and more people work remotely or from home, there’s an increase in the desire for proper work life balance and cowor...

Angela Baldwin Angela Baldwin
May 20

What does corporate coworking in San Francisco look like? Connections SF. Complete with hotel amenities and services, renting a community or permanent desk,  meeting room or private office co...

Angela Baldwin Angela Baldwin
Apr 29

Coworking spaces all over the world are inviting users to their space. The problem is many are not equipped to take payments online and connect the user to the space in a seamless manner. Most cowo...

Angela Baldwin Angela Baldwin
Apr 21

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